August 5, 2021


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The Perfect Moment?

AUCKLAND, Wednesday: New Zealand street poster giant Phantom Billstickers has partnered with Landmarks ID to identify “the perfect moment” to influence purchase decisions with real-time data.

Landmarks ID is a mobile intelligence platform that collects millions of data points from over 300,000 anonymised mobile phones to generate insights into how New Zealanders travel.

Audiences are measured from their home or work, to the moment a Phantom poster is encountered, and then onto a retail location, QSR, bank or restaurant.

With 3000 advertiser locations already loaded and collecting location data, a customer visiting a store today can now be used to target future customers.

The Landmarks ID mobile intelligence platform provides privacy-compliant real-world insights into consumers’ behaviours, brand affinities and purchase intents.

“A world first for street posters.”

Phantom managing partner Robin McDonnell said: “This supports Phantom’s mission to drive accountability in the sector. This investment is part of our ongoing strategy to create New Zealand’s leading path-to-purchase advertising channel.”

“Landmarks ID offers a step-change in accountability for street posters. We can now measure the reach and frequency for all campaigns from a single poster up to a national campaign by month, by week, by day, even by the hour.

“With 9000 poster frames throughout NZ, Phantom street posters can be spotted in the vicinity of just about any advertiser location. With so much choice, selecting the best poster site is critical.”

Landmarks ID founder James Fogelberg said: “This platform was built to empower marketers’ real-world customer, location and competitor insights.

“We ensure marketing dollars are invested with confidence powered by New Zealand’s largest mobile insights panel.

“With a growing portfolio of leading New Zealand brands and media companies partnering with us, we are excited to offer our real-world audience insights across Phantom Billstickers’ portfolio of locations nationwide.”

oOh! too
oOh!media also uses the Landmarks ID platform.

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