July 31, 2021


In a world where nearly everyone is always online, there is no offline.

Dancing Shoes?

AUCKLAND, Monday: It was a simple footprint by Pitchblack for Hyper Ride that proved the perfect fit for 2021’s The Paper Planes creative advertising competition.

If The Shoe Fits was selected as the overall winner of the Best Print Campaign category by New York-based ad consultant Cindy Gallop, picking up $ 300,000 in print advertising across Stuff publications. 

Gallop said: “I love how this execution understands and acknowledges the brand’s fundamental challenge for its customers, addressing online retail sizing through print.

“You cannot put your foot on your laptop or phone. For me, there was something emotive about how enormously useful this ad is.”

Best Integrated Campaign went to Shave for a Cure by Chemistry and Leukaemia & Blood Cancer NZ, earning the client $ 100,000 in print & digital advertising.

Shave depicted a newspaper page of stories on blood cancer, with outline text shaved away to reveal a bald head.

Gallop said the creative execution and artistry demonstrated in the use of space and headlines instantly grabs attention. “The message is clear and to the point, resonating with readers emotionally and intellectually, and working equally well in both print and digital environments.”

““I love how this execution acknowledges the brand’s fundamental challenge – addressing online retail sizing through print.

The Best Digital Campaign category was scooped by Odds by Rainger & Rolfe and NIB, picking up $ 100,000 in digital advertising.

Gallop: “Compelling copy reveals 6% of the population is struggling with diabetes – and that while the audience thinks that won’t relate to them, the ad has been placed in just 6% of newspapers/online spaces. Judges said it conveyed simple yet confronting intelligence to readers.”

Gallop delivered a keynote address to an industry group at an event in Auckland, before announcing the winners.

“Reading the paper or a magazine with a cup of coffee is one of my life’s joys,” he told the Kiwis.

“Print drives a whole different approach to creative expression. It allows you to tap into so many powerful dynamics. When you are reading print you are in the experience, undistracted, in the moment. That’s a huge opportunity to leverage consumer focus in a way that you don’t get in any other medium.”

Stuff chief revenue officer Andy Symons said: “What our finalists and winners demonstrate is the power to engage, to evoke emotions and make a real connection with the audience. When you marry that with a trustworthy environment, it’s where the magic happens.

“Congratulations to all our winners. Big shoes to fill for 2022!”

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