October 25, 2020


In a world where nearly everyone is always online, there is no offline.

Facebook partners with Australia’s strategy and data analytics firm Quantium

“Quantium and Facebook’s new measurement product has provided a level of understanding of our campaign performance that has never been available before. It has really enlightened our understanding of the impact our marketing efforts have on real sales outcomes.”

Facebook has partnered with Australia’s strategy and data analytics firm Quantium, as Facebook’s Australia partner in measuring the impact of online advertising and the effect it has on offline sales/in-store sales.

This is beneficial to media agencies and advertisers as it allows them to sync post-view purchases to a campaign. Quantium’s data shows a direct connection between ads shown on Facebook and the resultant sales in Quantium’s customer shopping database.

The capability has been tested with some key products in partnership with their media agencies.

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Image source: https://www.quantium.com/