May 14, 2021


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In-Game Ad Standards

TEL AVIV, Thursday: WPP and adtech startup Anzu have announced a partnership aimed at bringing commonly accepted advertising standards to the esports and gaming space.

Mumbrella Australia reporter Zanda Wilson wrote: “Anzu specialises in integrating advertising into video games, and the partnership will see WPP agencies utilise Anzu’s in-game programmatic technology to reach gamers across all gaming platforms.

“Announcing the partnership, WPP and Anzu cited an increased frustration from brands at the lack of universal standards for in-game advertising, as well as the accelerated popularisation of gaming largely due to Covid-19, as key factors for collaborating.

“This partnership will bring in-game advertisers multiple ad standards including ad viewability and brand lift measurement, fraud detection and user privacy protection.

“The partnership also encompasses an in-game advertising solution for esports tournaments, reaching gamers outside the home.”

WPP ceo Mark Read said the move is a response to an increase in demand for in-game advertising during the global pandemic.

“The partnership will enable advertisers to track, report and audit viewable impressions in real-time, and adtech vendors will also be integrated in-game.”

“Delivering these new standards is a big step in bringing gaming and esports to the forefront of mainstream digital media channels,” he said.

“It also supports the wider gaming ecosystem by increasing monetisation opportunities for developers and enabling more games to be made.”

Anzu in-game advertising
WPP and Anzu want in-game advertising to become a more mainstream choice and a top choice for brands interested in reaching the estimated three billion gamers worldwide.

The new partnership means advertisers will be able to track, report and audit viewable impressions in real-time, and adtech vendors will also be integrated in-game.

Anzu co-founder/ceo Itamar Benedy said the partnership will highlight the value of in-game media for marketers.

“This partnership builds confidence in the value of in-game media, as marketers will be able to engage with an audience of over three billion gamers worldwide.

“Anzu in-game campaigns are scalable, measurable, and demonstrate the kind of multi-touchpoint campaigns brands are looking to launch.”

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