May 16, 2021


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Hats off to Isentia NZ’s team of 46

AUCKLAND, Today: In a story yesterday about LexisNexis, M+AD appeared to call into question the commitment of Sydney-based media intelligence company Isentia to the NZ part of its AU NZ arrangements.

This view was based partly on the Sydney origin of all Isentia’s NZ PR, and a comms error on the Isentia website (since remedied).

The naivety of our view drew down upon us the wrath of PorterNovellNZ’s Hinemoana Douglas …

“Isentia asserts its strong presence in New Zealand with 37 employees in the Wellington office situated in the Dominion building on Victoria Street, and nine employees in its Mount Eden, Auckland office,” she advised M+AD.

“Raquel Climent is Isentia’s country manager in NZ, appointed in January 2020 to work closely with key clients in New Zealand.

“The Sydney PR launchpad is due to the affinity with this market of former Aucklander Russ Horell.”

“Russ Horell was Isentia’s former country manager in NZ prior to being appointed chief commercial officer for Australia and New Zealand in November 2019 where he currently implements transformation strategies across both New Zealand and Australia.

“Russ is now based in Sydney, Australia. Is it possible to update the article to reflect this?”

Ed responds: “Isentia NZ’s passion is finally getting through to us.”

“It’s also become apparent that the Sydney origin of the PR is due to the close interest in this market of former Auckland resident Russ Horell.”

Horell said: “As the market-leading media intelligence provider in New Zealand, we are always looking for ways to enhance the level of service we provide. Nexis enables our clients to search across a 35-year archive of NZ print content but also to expand the breadth of their research capabilities, with access to international data.

“In addition to this, our NZ clients can also benefit from local support in Auckland and Wellington to get the Nexis service set up and make the most of the new solution.”

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