October 30, 2020


In a world where nearly everyone is always online, there is no offline.

Which TV ads made the podium during the 2016 olympics opening ceremonies

They looked into the top 10 brands that aired during the live broadcast of the opening ceremonies. Analysis was made based on which ads were noticed by the audience, which ads drove interest and which ads drove actual consumer response. Information was collected using consumer surveys and second screen response data.

The ad that was remembered the most was the ad by ‘coca cola’ where 35% of repondants remembered seeing the ad. Samsung and Chevy were the next most memorable ad.

In terms of interest. On average respondents who saw the ads were 18% more positive about the associated brands than those who did not. They were more likely to find out more about the product being advertised.

Second-screen searching was another tool that was measured. This is measured search queries on google and youtube during the broadcast that are specific and modelled to be attributable to ads shown. During the opening ceremonies, TV ad driven searches on mobile were 94% compared to an average of 56% for the same brands when the ads are not aired. Mcdonalds was the top search term, with 42% more searches than average. BMW and Samsung were second.

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Image source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/