October 20, 2020


In a world where nearly everyone is always online, there is no offline.

Some key takeaways from the DoubleClick Leadership Summit


Google is launching Accelerated Mobile Page ads on that allow advertisers to load ads fast alongside AMP Publisher content. On the advertiser side, this means that the creatives have to be developed using the same tech and templates that AMP publishers use (more walled garden?)

Google claims that AMP enables pages to load four times faster, and uses 10 times less data. (Probably a solution to the issue Zane was exploring with the IAB).

“Google claims publishers can double their revenue when pages load within 5 seconds, not the current 19-second average, which also improves retention. The Washington Post reported that 63% of mobile search visitors returned within 7 days, up from 51% pre-AMP.”

“Publishers that deliver this content in five seconds or less earn twice as much, as those at the average point,” he revealed.

Programmatic Native:

When Google’s programmatic native advertising product launched last November, it only included mobile app inventory through DoubleClick for Publishers.
Now, buyers using Google’s DSP DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) can buy programmatic native units anywhere on mobile – both web and app.

We’ll need to explore how this works, and how we can tap into this. I’ll try writing to DBM support to explore this.

Outstream video:

Google has announced the introduction of Outstream video, similar to Teads TV for DFP, allowing publishers to monetise their content further.
“announce the availability of outstream video ad units on DFP, meaning advertisers can buy video ads on traditional publisher sites, and that those publishers using DFP to help monetize, can tap into traditional TV budgets.”


While there’s nothing concrete on this yet, Google is reportedly working on building AR/VR solutions for advertising. How they will implement this remains to be seen.
“We’re not stopping there, obviously virtual reality and augmented reality are here, and coming, and rest assured we’re going to be your partner into helping you deliver those experiences as we deliver them into our advertising systems.”

Read the article here.