New LEAN Ads Achieve 30KB Weight and 93% Viewability

New technology from the original native ad company, Vibrant Media, has slashed the ad weight for its In-Text, In-Image, out-of-stream video and high impact native ad formats by over 75 per cent to just 30.5 KB. This reduction establishes Vibrant Media as one of the Internet’s lightest scalable native ad providers.

As well as improving consumers’ experience of digital advertising by loading faster on the pages of premium editorial, the new ad technology supports the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s industry-wide LEAN initiative to tackle the rise in ad blocking and to improve the quality of digital advertising from consumers’ perspective. The new LEAN principles were launched by the IAB’s Tech Lab in October 2015. LEAN stands for “Light”, “Encrypted”, “Ad Choice Supported” and “Non-Invasive”.

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