November 1, 2020


In a world where nearly everyone is always online, there is no offline.

Unruly now offers biometric measurement of video ads

The new ‘holistic’ solution from the News Corp-owned ad tech firm provides brainwave capture by Nielsen, facial analysis by Affectiva, and sound analysis from Moodagent.

News Corp-owned Unruly has now unveiled a multilayered solution that includes its first regular biometric measurement of online video or TV ads via an ensemble of star players in the field.

Called Unruly EQ, it brings together brainwave analysis by marketing research firm Nielsen, facial recognition by Affectiva and music data analysis by Moodagent. This is complemented by an expanded version of Unruly’s own detailed online questionnaire. Unruly VP of Marketing and Insight Devra Prywes told me that, previously, biometric testing was used only when a client requested it.

In addition, London-based Unruly is now launching a series of emotion-oriented private marketplaces (PMPs), in collaboration with Kent State University.

These Emotional PMPs offer video ads characterized by a given emotional response, such as Inspiration, Hilarity, Amazement, Pride and Surprise.

The ads are offered through a trading desk to private marketplaces of websites that Unruly has curated because each marketplace provides the best contextual resonance for that kind of ad. An inspiring ad about achieving something difficult, for instance, might work well on competition-oriented sites like ESPN.

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