January 17, 2021


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Facebook started its messenger chatbot platform and brand awareness ad campaigns earlier this year

Facebook started its messenger chatbot platform and brand awareness ad campaigns

Facebook has launched its messenger chatbot platform earlier this year, which means ads are coming to the Facebook messenger tool. Facebook charges businesses to send re-engagement messages to people who have already started a conversation with their business. These messages will be called ‘sponsored messages’ companies that are currently using this are Uber and CNN

These sponsored messages will pull users into a conversion with a bot which will try to sell the user things. The user will be able to tell the bot what they are after and the bot would be able to show the user the relevant products that the user is after. This saves the user time by getting quick responses rather than having to click onto an ad and then having to guide yourself around the website to find a particular product.

Another fairly new aspect of Facebook for advertising is its ‘increase brand awareness’ ads and campaigns. The goal of these ads is to increase the recall of your ads among your target audience. Its not about generating immediate sales. The ‘estimated ad recall lift’ shows the additional number of people who will remember your ads if asked within two days. The main difference when you are creating the increase brand awareness campaign is that you are unable to use Desktop Sidebar as a placement and in the optimisation and pricing section, there is a ‘reach’ option which allows you to set a manual bid and set a specific frequency of the ads. This type of campaign is more useful for small local business and also luxury brands.

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