October 29, 2020


In a world where nearly everyone is always online, there is no offline.

Facebook will track whether ads lead to store visits and offline purchases

Facebook is introducing a new way to measure how effective online ads are to increase in-store visIts and offline sales. This store visit metric is only based on information collected from people who have used the location services features on their smartphone, the will also make it easier for users to find businesses closest to them.

Facebook is doing this by adding several new measurement tools that will also stores to see how many people visit a store after seeing a Facebook campaign. This means that if a retailers has a separate campaign for each market it is able to see whats working in one city compared to another. Facebook updates will provide real-time information on the offline response to advertising, this feature allows for optimising ad creative, delivery and targeting based on store visits and see results across individual stores or regions to better optimise ad campaigns.

Early testers have seen strong results from this feature. For example Freanch retailer E. French retailer E.Leclerc found it was able to reach 1.5 million people within 10km of its stores, with about 12 percent of clicks leading to visits within a week. Others have also begun using store visit measurement tools, including M&S, Petco, Burger King UK and Cadillac.

Image source: https://www.impactbnd.com/