October 27, 2020


In a world where nearly everyone is always online, there is no offline.

Papaya Ads went public in China evaluated at $337Million USD

“Demand from ecommerce companies expanding into global markets has grown rapidly and now accounts for more than 30 percent of ad spend.”

Papaya Ads went public in China evaluated at $337Million USD. They stuck to the Chinese market as they reckon that the Us market has a tendency to undervalue companies. Papaya Ads started as a Mobile social gaming development company but pivoted to programmatic, and have never looked back.

Alibaba, Baidu and some of the major Chinese companies attribute their success to Papaya. They now have their own mobile segment targeted DSP and boast a user delivery of 100,000 users for a single customer in a day.

They are mainly targeting China, India and the US and believe these are the emerging markets. They are experiencing tremendous growth and plan on expanding through acquisitions globally.

P.S. We must try the Papaya DSP if we have a chance, they are specially targeted at mobile segments.

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Image source: http://venturebeat.com/.