This 6-person startup is taking on Google in the adtech space

“Specless, an ad-tech startup lets advertisers design a single responsive ad campaign that will display properly on any device.” They claim that responsive ads created this way can perform “10 times better than a standard rich ad” and sell for “five to eight times as much.”

On their website, they explain how the advantages of their platform:

  • One size fits all – One ad that adapts to run on any banner slot (even non-standard ones)
  • Language in the creative adapts according to device : For e.g. If the banner says ‘click’, this will change to ‘tap’ on mobile devices.
  • Built in analytics into the creative – similar to Moat, but focused on which elements engage the viewer, like logo, CTA, etc.

While this startup might not be the future, the concept of creating one ad, and adapting it to different sizes sounds exciting, and might be the way of the future.

Read more here.


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