The Big Story: Upfronting And Fingerprinting

After a long winter, the birds and beasts come out of hiding to have their fill of the greenery now flooding the land.

That’s right, the upfronts are here, the money is flowing and everyone wants a piece.

This week on “The Big Story,” we look at the news coming out of all the advertising festivities. Disney quietly – very quietly – mentioned it has operational control of Hulu and will acquire Comcast’s stake. And Xandr revealed that its data is now available on properties not owned and operated by WarnerMedia.

The team unpacks these news items – what we know, what we don’t know and how these changes will impact the industry.

And speaking of changes, fingerprinting is dead. Or at least it’s severely curtailed after Google Chrome’s policy changes.

But what is fingerprinting? Allison Schiff breaks down the nuances of the practice, including how it works, why it’s so contentious and what effect it will have not just on the ability to target ads but also on the ability to do other crucial ad activities, like measure and attribute.

This post was syndicated from Ad Exchanger.


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